These I am listing below are all resources that I personally use every day and, finding them extremely useful, I decided to share them withy audience. In this way you can use for your business to tap into growth. Hope that you find them useful to you. 

Ulysses For Mac. 

Ulysses website Whether you are a writer or an experienced content marketer, you need a good writing app. When I first tried Ulysses for Mac, I was astonished on how much simple was delivering content and getting it published. For more details you can find the review here.

Newspaper theme.

Wp NewsPaper Theme If you have your own website, you know how much is important having a great de- sign to attract visitors. At first I chose one of the free themes that WordPress has to offer. However, after some time, I understood that I wanted a website that could be good as much as the content I was delivering. After some research on Themeforest, I found this marvelous theme. It comes up with tons of functions and tools. I covered much more in detail in this review.


Some of you may be wondering why I added a section dedicated to books. Well, books are the new tech gadgets every entrepreneur should love first. They are cheap, easy consumable and really helpful. I will add many books in the future, that you can use to go beyond, both in business and in life. Stay tuned!