handling failure in business

Handling Failure In Business.

First and foremost, what is failure in business? Well, many people will tell you failure is you, is yourself committing some sort of mistakes during your life. Those people who did not succeed in life and so they do not want that for you.

It is simple as that. Why do they do this? Because of the ego. Ego is the most egoistic part on the planet and it is responsible for wars, broken relationships, rejections in businesses and conflicts between people.

This I am writing about is not casual. I am now reading A New Earth by Eckart Tolle, and I can tell you that this is the beginning of new arising consciousness. People who handle failure like an event and not like they actually are the failure.

That is the old truth that someone is telling you, especially your mind. That brutal type of guiltiness that burns through you whenever you feel depressed, rejected or failed in your life.

In the business it is the same thing. You have to handle with failure because if you took this road, you will fail so many times to be uncountable. There is no thing like failure in business and I can tell you directly.

I just started my online journey in affiliate marketing and I can tell you it is not easy building a business.

Especially because this is my first business ever, and I am making tons of mistakes, I am learning tons of things and I need to take massive action on myself and my business.

business office

Tony Robbins’ formula to achieve massive success in life and handle failure.

It is not easy, but let’s think a moment about things your online business will give you in the long run. Focus your mind on the type of outcome. Just for the sake of topic, I can report to you the 5 steps to unlimited power by Tony Robbins:

1) Choose your outcome.

Which is the type of outcome you want from what you are doing? Is it the million dollar? Is it the most gorgeous you can ever imagine right in your arms? Is it traveling around the world? Whatever it is you have to imagine it in order to achieve it.

Personally, the outcome I want is having the financial freedom to travel the world, have massive fun and connection with people around the world and join the new category of rich.

digital nomad lifestyle

These one are very well laid out in the four-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss. You will be astonished by how much content he delivers in his book.

2)Take action.

Whenever you feel anxious or angry about something, you need to learn this important thing. It is the moment you have to take action.

Just speak to you, right in your head, that that one is the one thing you have to take to achieve success in every area of your life. Could be a girl, could be your personal opportunity for business or maybe something that you are afraid of. Take action and everything will flow.

take action consistently

Hope that things are going well for you. I do my best to keep it up the momentum. What is the momentum? Well, it is the sum of consistent action on what you think it is important in your life. Let’s make an example.

Do you have to build a relationship because you are single? Take action and approach every single girl you meet every day. Obviously, you need to hang out, otherwise you won’t meet anyone. You will be so happy for the results that you will become another person, in theory and practice.

3)Keep taking.

Right, now you take action, but what if something goes wrong or someone does not want to fulfill your needs? You throw it all away? NO! You have to handle fear, pressure and go on and on and on.

This is called persistence and it is your personal warhorse when it comes to become excellent at something. You are not who you are today, but what you do consistently.

So you took action today, but what’s next? Did not you obtain any results? Do you know that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times before inventing the bulb the right way? It seems hilarious, right? Well, it is in that way you become successful. Not through genius, but persistence.

4)See the results.

If you are taking action, you will eventually see the results. Are they good, great, epic or bad? If your answer is the last one, well you need to do the next step.

see the results

I need to see the results, like any other person. If you do not see them yet, you have to be faithful to your work. Ask yourself: Am I providing value to my audience? Is it this the right way to deliver this content to them?

5)Change approach to the situation.

You knew that an airplane is off his destination 99% of the flight? This is why you will never be perfect, instead you need to adjust your walking whenever you feel it is wrong.

Well, this is a huge part when it comes to success. How do you deal with failure? You get out of your trials and leave off? Learn that you have to fail in order to become successful. Life is not fair, but this is the reason it is so incredibly wonderful.

change your approach

Let’s apply this a bit to affiliate marketing now. When you choose your outcome on this thing, you are letting go of the fear of failure and just taking action. If you are good at publishing your posts frequently, something that I am struggling with recently, you are keeping up with a right amount, for example 2–3 posts.

Change your results in affiliate marketing, the right way.

Are you seeing the results? Are you seeing the income expected when you started out on your website? If not, you have to modify your approach. In which way?

Well, there are a few ways I can suggest to you:

  • Change type of article, something that I covered more in detail here.
  • Change your theme. I can suggest to you mine and see how it works here in this article.
  • Charge your approach to things. Just to let you know, people who are really successful are the ones who look at failure as an event, not like themselves.They do not have fear of anything.
  • Change affiliate programs and networks. If you do not where to start, you can read this article.
  • Change community. At the time I started, I did not think in this way, but really guys, a community will help you through a lot of pressure, failures, and it will make your life a lot lighter. It is an absolute must have when you are a beginner at this type of thing.
be a part of a community
  • Change courses you are studying. Are you studying the right courses on traffic, SEO, affiliate marketing and email marketing? I can tell you, this world is full of scams, ready to rob you out of your money and leaving you directionless. I hope this is not your case. Stay upon my website to find out unique review about products in the internet marketing niche.


I hope that this article provides value to you. If you want to say something about your online journey or you have any suggestion on  how to handle failure in general, please write below your thoughts in the comments.

  • Hey Marco!

    Thank you for sharing this with us! This is the time when I need this information the most, since my business doesn’t seem like it’s in a good shape. I’m currently working full-time and can hardly keep up the decent publishing frequency for my blog.

    Are there any suggestions for publishing frequency on a blog, while working full-time?

    Once more, thanks a lot for posting this article. This is the right timing 🙂

    • Hi German,

      Thanks for your thoughts. Do not worry, we are all on the same boat:)

      I am currently working part-time as a private teacher, and it is not easy neither for me.

      I think you may keep the publishing frequency to 2-3 posts per week. I know could be hard, but you can write easily 500-750 words per day. In this way you will be making an article every two days to publish on your own website.

      If you need more info on how to publish quality blog post, you can read this article.

      Hope that helps!


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