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 One of the most thing an affiliate marketer has to do every single day is producing content. Yes, if you are really skilled at SEO, you can optimize your blog posts and do not write so many at all. However, in any case, you should produce some content for your audience, otherwise they won’t trust you. 

Usually, I used to write with the SiteContent platform integrated in the WA platform. If you do not know what this is, it is a community full of thriving entrepreneur ready to help. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, check out the review. 

It is a good platform to write, but I prefer use the commands to tap into headings, images, links and all the options you need to make your content engaging and profitable. 

Today I am gonna show you what I am actually using as my main software to create content. 

What is Ulysses? 

Ulysses is a company founded in 2014 in Germany. The founders, Marcus Fehn and Max Seelemann, have more than 14-year history in creating writing software for Mac. 

The main app is currently available for Mac and iOS devices. It was advised as the #1 app for writing on Mac by Forbes.

Which are the main features? 

Actually, as you can see in the video above, there are many features in this app. It is worth to cover them up all. 

  • Clean Interface.


One of the most empowering things of this app is the clean interface. In this way you can concentrate on your work without any distraction. 

Moreover, you can have a full screen mode, both black and white, to be fully focused.

  • Markup based editor. 

All the software is based on markup. In few words, you will be able to perform most of the actions required to a writer/blogger/marketer with a bunch of commands. Sounds pretty easy, right? Because it is so!

Here there are a list with few commands on Ulysses:

⌘B -> bold

⌥### -> heading 3

⌥# -> heading 1 

⌘I -> italic 

And so many more in there!

Moreover, there is a complete menu that allows you to put link, images, videos as well as footnote and block quotes really on the go. Imagine you select an area of the text and convert directly into a heading 3? You can do that. 


  •  Three editing modes.

You can choose to write in full screen mode, with sheets on the right or with the entire library on the left. 


We will cover more in detail in the video review. 

  • File formats and publishing. 

If you are a writer you will know how much is important to export your content as requested from the client or whosoever. 

At Ulysses they are focusing on your needs, so you can create a plain text, rich text or markdown text. Html, pdf, epub and docx are included too. 


This is wonderful because increase your productivity, since you do not have to copy and paste on another app. You can just tap onto live preview button and see your masterpiece!

Concerning the publishing thing, you are able to upload as draft on medium, which is the best platform out there to become a serious writer, on WordPress.com or on your custom WordPress. In other words, everything you need to publish your content the right way. 

Few days ago I just noticed the powerful option to choose styles and themes from Ulysses style Exchange which enable you to choose your favorite style for html, pdf and epub preview. 

In my own case, get used to Medium clean style, I chose it for the html, but they are only tastes at all. 

  • Keyboard navigation and TypeWriter mode. 

I just discovered this feature for pure case. You can easily move through your article tapping on headings. 

Moreover, the Typewriter mode lets you concentrate only on the line, sentence or paragraph you are writing, increasing your focus on the article, like below.


  • Themeable editor and attachments.

This feature could be really cool if you are an owl, working in the night hours. In fact, you can opt for the black mode and working without any eye strain. 

If you have to add some cool images to your post, you can do it without any issue, because tapping on the right menu you will have the possibility to add as many as you want. 

  • Statistics and synchronization.

Another cool feature that it is available in are the stats. In fact, tapping in the correct right menu, you will be able to see the characters written, words, sentences, paragraphs and pages. The average speed, fast and slo are available as well. 


If you have more apple devices, you can stay synced with your articles. This app comes up with perfect integration in iCloud. 

Don’t you use iCloud but Dropbox as the most favorite cloud tool? No worries, you can add dropbox folders to your library as well.

Which are the pros?

As you already see in the main features part, there are tons of options ready to empower you and let you be focused on what it counts. 

It comes with full screen mode, perfect syncing, a powerful editor and markup. What would you want more? 

If you are a student, there is a huge discount on the platform, depending in which country you are located in. 

Price won’t be a problem. It’s $4.99 / month or $39,99 / year. Sending your student application, you will pay only $11,99 per 6 months-use. 

Which are the cons? 

I do not find any. It sounds strange because I really love details and I can tell you if something sounds weird to me, but this is not the case. People here are really honest and helpful. You won’t be disappointed. 


I hope you liked this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below!

And you, do you have your own most preferred writing app to create content and engage visitors? Share it in the comments!

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