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Traffic: The nine steps to make it happen.

I just published my  youtube video regarding the second part of this article. Pretty soon I’ll publish the first.  If you like a more straight forward way of delivering content, watch the videos below.

1)SEO. What is about.

​​​In brief, SEO means search engine optimization. In fact, you work for that to have better ranking, become indexed and increase your visitors stream.

In this way you will have the opportunity to convert your visitors through your posts, reviews or e-mail newsletter. All can happens, and is it up to you the way.

In the following post we will speak a lot about ranking for every post and general ranking for your website. There are differences that you need to know and in this long post we will cover everything, so let’s dive in!

2)Traffic and Surfers.

What do you think of traffic? What is traffic and in which way you can create it?

In the last decades traffic soared due to the exponential increasing of people on the internet. It is estimated that near 4 billion people are surfing on the WWW every day. People searching for products, for information or for people.

users on the web

We are all in search for something, sometimes for meaning, buying self-help books, which are ones of my favorites.

As reported by techmaish, there are mainly three different types of surfers. They are ordered as it follows:

  • The social surfers. They need for the most part a smartphone to encounter and feed their social activities.
  • The practical surfers. They use internet to stay connected with their work, while on the move. This leads us to an opportunity of working permanently with your laptop, while traveling the world.
  • The cool surfers. Staying on the sofa and watching films on Netflix is your favorite activity? If you are saying “heck yes!” you fall in this category and you use web for entertainment and pleasure. Not a good way to use this powerful tool.

Traffic is composed by all these people, so traffic is the people, the audience you are trying to create around your website. Let’s speak about the way you can create that.

3)Who is your visitor?

Once you got this, you can start understanding which one you can pick up for your traffic. Which is your website category?

Are you speaking about health issues or are you covering a lot of topics for business? Make your choice and stick to it.

If you are promoting products like films, then your genre of people will probably be the first one. You are promoting digital products like software, training and so on, well your visitor will be interested in the MMO niche, a good one.

There is the one thing you have to keep in mind and pick your brain with, if you want to succeed in any niche. Which is the hole you are filling and the need you are feeding? Once you got this, you have to figure out your ways to create value around your brand and creating value for your visitors.

building a brand new website

4)Quality and Quantity.

Creating a website is not different from a brand, and it is not easier. But how to start? Is there a legit way to make that happen? Yes! Definitely!

Think in basics. A website is composed by his blog posts. How many would you want to write? 10? 20? 50? Well, it is not enough. We are in 2018 and you need way more than that to tell Google you are a gladiator and you want to succeed, ready to face your fears.

Numbers are important, but the quality has to be your strong suit. Every post has to be filled with great info. Don’t worry so much about keywords, every word you will be writing is a keyword.

Try to use tools like Jaaxy to come out with unused keywords and get traffic, but only for the title. Let’s dive in seo tips for every post.

5)SEO to-do list to rank your post.

seo process

Actually, there is a specific name to speak about this and is On Seo Page. Why? Because you are not further directly the ranking of your website, but the little brick whose is made of, the single post or page if you prefer.

Keyword In Content. As I said before, you don’t have to think to the keyword density too much. Focus on the value you are bringing to visitors and do not look back. Keywords are strictly necessary in the title, and no more.

keyword in titleInternal Links. What is an internal link? Is it something so hard to understand? Not at all. You mean internal because it leads to another page, post, comment or category of your website. Simple as that. Let’s see an example.

internal link example

Did you see the “fear” linked word? That is an internal link, in fact when you see underneath an URL leads to another page of my website. Why is this all such important?

Because you are throwing people into a funnel system where they can see all your posts and being overwhelmed by the ton of value you’re offering. So, they are more leveraged to buy from you and become profitable visitors.

External Links. We just spoke about the internal one, so will be easier understanding the second ones. These take people to other websites of Authority. In this way you will get better ranking as an indirect consequence of your action. Joining authority websites in this way will make Google figure out a better image. An example is shown below.

external link proof

Actually, Leonardo da Vinci is the linked word and underneath you can see the link to an authority website, like Wikipedia. You can choose between a lot of websites, but getting the right info is important too, so stay alert at what kind of info you are leading to!

Alt Tag. This is the abbreviation which stands for alternative tag image. When you put an image between your paragraphs, you have to write something about that image.

Why? Because in this way Google will know what you are speaking about and it will increase your rank. The one pointed out by the arrow is the alt tag.

alt tag.

Meta Title. So, what is that? In simple words, it is the title you are writing in the opposite section with your SEO plugin. Try it yourself, but the best in this field are Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO. Once you got installed the first one, search the space showed in figure.

meta title

It is located in the WordPress post option, and it is advised to get it under 60 characters. Most engines do not prefer a longer one.

Meta Description. This is a very good piece to rank, and it is located just underneath your meta title. It has to be less than 160 characters, preferably between 135 and 155 characters.

meta description sample

You have to make it engaging, inducing people to read YOUR article and not others one. In which way? Well, I created an acronym to create good pieces in the middle of this post. Even more, you could be curious on how to write good pieces, then you will be willing to check this out.

Once you did all the steps above, you have done the 80% of the work for your post.

6)Two bonus SEO tricks for you.

Useful Tip #1: Embed Videos.

youtube, a video platform

One of the most common help in getting your page ranked is the use of videos. These can be created by you, embedded from other platforms, like DailyMotion, YouTube or Vimeo. What it is really important here is the video makes sense with the topic you are dealing with.

If you are speaking about branding, you cannot embed a video about dancing cats. Let’s see various examples below.

This was one embedded by YouTube. If it is yours, that makes no difference for your visitor, but for you, definitely! You are building a brand in a social media channel for you brand in this way.

This one right below is an image, but has a link underneath. It is one of the greatest videos of an expert, being part of a thriving community of online entrepreneurs, WA. Visitors will click on it and get addressed to the correct website.

21 minute ranking method

Useful tip #2: Rich Snippets and Stars Rating.

If you are a serious affiliate marketer, you will know how to succeed properly in product reviews. Make it stick, with good grammar and at least 1000 words with. In this way you can build good content for your website.

There is a little detail you are avoiding, which can be fatal for you. It is the product rating. You don’t have to create any images, graphics or particular symbol to suggest your mark, but simple adding Product Review lite as a plugin.

Once you got that, fill all the main spaces of pros, cons and details like in the image.

wp product review

However, the most important is the one giving your mark to the product. This will be translated in rich snippets. They are responsible for the starts rating you saw so many times for reviews. Look below to understand.
product review lite

stars rating

As you can see above, the stars rating reflects what you think about that product or service. Moreover, stars are codes and they will help you to further your rank. The plugin is free too, so start reviewing!

7)My website is not ranking?! Here’s why.

Have you ever created a website, with enthusiasm and happiness in the first weeks, then to start falling in a state of negativity and frustration. This state is not new and it is due to the traffic.

Actually, what you want to do with your website, as an hobby or business, is keeping people engaged and let them take what you are bringing on the table.

Since rarely you are not taking value to the table, you start getting frustrated and, in the end, you will leave your website.

It’s never a successful choice, since you need to be persistent and faithful, besides of facing your fears with bravery.

So, if you are battling against uncertainty of your success, read the most common causes of a not so great rank in the first weeks, down below.

Domain Age. Do you know all the websites you visit daily, to keep you informed of all the recent facts on a wide variety of topics, such as tech or health? What do you think about the website? Do you think they opened their doors to the world since few months?

age and time

Personally, I don’t think so. Maybe few years  ago you got less competition in famous niches, but there are actually hundreds and hundreds  of niches ready to be uncovered by you.

Moreover, you now have great tools and community  to soar your traffic and get on track faster.

In spite of all, you need time and patience, nothing more, nothing less. Google will trust you when time will be passed since your opening

Site Age. Did you see how much important is domain age? The site one is not less essential. Yes, because with age comes post, pages, comments, visitors and revenue in the end!

Don’t get me wrong, but with just everything worth your effort, it will need your time too.

Trust Flow. Don’t get discouraged by the strange name, words are only signposts. Keep it very simple. The effort you put in your website and the trust you create with visitors is the flow.

trust flow

People have to feel that sense of loyalty with you, of affinity, which keep them to your site and not fly away.

Write thoughtful and opinionated posts. Request comments on it to your friends or a community of online enterpreneurs. Create a great logo and a personal domain. This will create your brand.

Content Frequency. How many articles do you need to stay strong and increase your audience? Actually, the  recommended is 2-3 post per week. You can soar that to 4-5 post or better to 6-7. More content leads to engagement and so less time to rank.

There  is a lot of writing I know, but..

“To Achieve What Nobody Else Has, You Must Do What Nobody Else Does”

If you are willing to do this, you will be succeding faster than you could imagine. Just keep every post over 1000 words and write good quality post.

Suggestion #1: Writing. 

Do you need more info about writing a good piece of info? Follow me in this post when I will explain to you all you need to make that happen!


8)Mobile, Security and Webmaster.

Mobile. In the last years mobile traffic has been growing at a exponential rate. This means only one thing. You need a optimized theme for smartphones and tablet.

mobile traffic

In my case I use NewsPaper theme, but if  you want to create a better experience for your mobile readers, you need AMP. This is a great piece of WordPress, enabling you to make pages  faster for mobile.

Trick #1: Bring them back on desktop!

As I said, most part of people nowdays read your articles while sitting at Starbucks, looking at their phones. But, you know what? People don’t give attention to what they are reading, because it is easy to have that.

Instead, when you are sitting at your desk, you know you have to work and stay focused. Everything is important and so your articles. Bring them on desktop while on mobile, for example with a “read-it-later” suggestion, requesting their e-mails.

Safe. In the internet you are not safe, and the only way to be is installing a HTTPS domain for your website.  Google ranks sites without security worse than others.

How much do you need for a .Com domain with SSL certificate? Not so much, but I will cover in detail in a future post for you on hosting companies.

Google Console. What is Webmaster about? No, you don’t need to become one of that, but just simply add your website to Google’s tool. In this way you will be able to index every single post and control your stats. Look down below for a detailed step-to-step guide.


To-do list NOT to rank your website.

Shiny Software Solutions. Do you know how many software are out there promising you the impossimble? I found many of them, and they are all retained to lift up your rankings.

shiny tools

Nothing more wrong. To create traffic you need visitors. To have them you need to build trust, and it does not happen in two hours. Stay alert and don’t be fooled by these scams.

Black Hat Techniques. I visited many black hat forums, and they have all the tools and techniques you need, at least apparently. Let’s make an example.

hacker techniques

You just went to a black hat website, found the software of your life, and just charged it. Once you applied it, it starts sharing your backlinks everywhere.

What do you think Google will do? It will penalize  your website, because you tried to fool the system. All your work thrown away.

9)Bonuses for you!

I know you. You’re the one who  is willing to go deep into things and create new ones. You just got to the end of my article. For this reason i want to offer two further bonuses for your traffic.

Social Media Outreach. What do you think we are speaking about? Social, it’s clear!

You visit facebook every day, so why not using it as a paid traffic tool? Actually, you can use ads to get people to your site. However, there is more.

You need to indentify the social mavens of your field and be promoted by them. In this way, you gain their authority for days or weeks, joining a new era of abundance for you.

Offline Traffic. I went to meetups many times here in Milan. Meetups is a social app born in 2005, and has been able to create large, physical communities than any other social network.


Why not use this power to help your brand? Go to events, meet other people, listen to them and their interests. Once you did that, speak about your good intentions and your business. They will be more than happy to help you.

You can even speak about that on a stage and get streamed on the web, expanding your horizon and your revenue!


I know these useful tips will help you further your ranking and hope you enjoyed this long article today. I put all my effort for you and need your feedback to keep engaged my writing machine.

Actually, I received the most valuable tips in a community of experts, ready to help you anywhere, anytime. Hope to see you there, it would be my happiest day!

And for you, which are the most useful tips to increase your traffic? Are any of those explained above included in your list? Please share in the section comments below!


  • It’s good to know which parts of blog content help get traffic. Sometimes I don’t have an appropriate internal link that I can use so I turn to other options.

    I forget about embedding videos, so thank you for that reminder. I will need to look into that more. i also like the “product review” plug-in you mentioned. I had no idea there was a plug-in for that! It’s already been installed on my blog and hopefully I can figure out how it works. I see you did a review on it so I will go check that out, too.

    • Hi Lisa,
      Yes definitely you have to figure out which are the most important facts to help your traffic. Thanks for your thoughts, I put the two additional features as a bonus for my readers.

      I don’t have a review on the “plug-in” itself, but have many like this where I reviewed digital products. Have a great day!


  • Generating the traffic is in my book the hardest things about getting started in affiliate marketing. Until traffic flows you are working tirelessly to believe in faith that this works. Once traffic comes in naturally it testify’s it’s working. I totally know what if feels like to ride the roller-coaster ride of putting out a new post and being excited and then it nothing happening…stay the course. It’s interesting to think that time and age matters!!!

    • Hi Bruce,

      Definitely, you got it. You have to keep traffic coming in to have results for your website. With no traffic, there is no revenue and no trust. Site age and domain definitely matter. Hope to see you soon! Have a great day!



  • Some really great info here! I really appreciate how you state that getting traffic will take time. I love the quote you had about achieving what no one else has done. So many people give up in this business because they fail. Persistence and patience is the key to success! Google will reward those who stick with it and have great content!

    • Hi JD,

      thanks a lot for your thoughts. Yes, definitely you need time, patience and persistence. Persistence is the mother of mastery, after all. Google, as anyone, will reward the one putting in effort for something valuable like a blog. Have a great day!


  • Despite the fact that I belong to the third group you described at the beginning (yes, I’m basically a “cool surfer”), I found this article a nice and inspiring reading, well written and easy to understand, even if I’m not “into the game”…at least until now! Good Job!

    • Hi Diego,

      Thanks a lot. Remember, there is always time to get into the game and join the new riches. Hope to see you soon!


  • Love to see that there still are many opportunities out there to help us dreamers become achievers!
    I truly appreciate the value shared in this blog post and truly believe it’s a must known for all of the hungry people out there who want to rock on SEO

    • Hi Wesley,

      Yes definitely. I appreciate your feedback on this post, it is truly important for me. You can find many article like this one here on my blog. Hope to see you soon! Have a great day!


    • Hi Alexander,
      Thanks a lot for your honest thoughts. You can always come back in the future for new topics and tips. Feel free to question me if you have any doubt. Have a great day!


  • Thanks for this very in-depth guide on SEO tips. In fact, I’m seeing pretty good results on my own websites applying all these techniques. So for those of you reading this comment out there, it definitely works.

    Will you be providing any tips for paid traffic? Because SEO traffic is kind of slow and not many people have the patience to wait for it…

    • i did not apply paid traffic yet. However, I will do that soon and write an article about. CPA and PPC are definitely two greatest ways of earning visitors and revenue. Have a great day!


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