Amazon affiliate program review. Is Amazon affiliate worth it?

Despite all the scams out there, there are many programs who pay out very well and are legit. How many times did you see ads like ” Want to earn a lot of money? Follow me” or “Your boss will not be happy about this new earning program”. These are really opportunities to you to be fool for others. It’s not the way I mean the online business.

Every day, there are something like 4 billion people on the internet, and everyone is searching for something to buy, to promote, to get tips from and so on. Which do you think will convert for the better? Simply a program to induce people buying products! Which products do you mean, Marco? I mean all the products out there in the Amazon World. Yes, because it’s a world now, with Bezos having an outstanding net worth of 105$ billions.

The really good news are that YOU can start earning money right now with the Amazon Associates program. So, what are you waiting for? Follow me in this review to rid out off all your doubts and start a business right now!

What is Amazon Affiliate program? Is it easy to join?

When you have so many products to sell, it can be a good idea share your products and get promoted by the millions people out there who work online. This was the thought of Bezos, and so Amazon Affiliate was born. Despite it has not the best commission, it’s the most famous program out there and it’s really well-known among affiliate marketers.

Like many others, you start building a website, gain the authority needed in your choosing niche and get people buying your products. In this way, depending on which products you chose to promote, you earn money with commissions.

Another great thing about is that you can join it whenever and wherever you are. In fact, it’s free to sign up but you have to pay attention to the website you built. In fact, if it’s not developed enough with some content, This will not be accepted. Make a note that it is not allowed showing sexual, discrimination and drug images or contents on your website. You can read it all in the terms and conditions.

How can you start making money with Amazon?

we already spoke about the commission and earning, but how much Amazon really pays for one of his products? Let’s can see below.

As you can see, there are a lot of categories and millions of products in this market. The right way to make money come is to focus on one category and go ahead with this. Despite this, it could be sad seeing that people who promote video games earn only 1.00% on every sale they make.

The situation is different for the ones who promote improvements for home or amazon coins. In that case in fact, you will earn 10% for every sale you will be able to make. Certainly, people are making money with this..

How can you actually improve it for the better?

Do you think there is a way to get things straight to the goal and start making money right now. I can tell you there isn’t. This because you have to create contents for your readers, attract them and then induce to buy. It’s not the easy way but it’s the one will pay you off later. I am not an expert, but I can help you with few tips.

Build a website. There a lot of ways to create a website. The best is with word press, where you can truly customize everything without any code. I tried many software, but the one seems to work the better is Siterubix.

Write quality contents. It can be easy to understand, but not to apply. You have to put the effort to learn to write in a readable and sliding way. Branson can help you with his saying “Practice makes perfect!”. Listen to me, it works! If you are interested in this, the solution is a sort of Tao for us affiliates and it’s called CIAO. For more info have a look to a more detailed article about that.

Keyword tool. This is a great deal if you want to get ranked on first page of Google. In this way visitors will see your site before the others. More traffic leads to more conversions and, definitely, more money! I found out the most complete tool was the one I did not expect so much about. You will be surprised by it.

Which are the pros?

Trusted brand. “It’s Amazon world, but do you want to live there?” This was the headline of a recent article compared on a famous online journal. You want or not, there are many services like TV, food, tech, garden and millions of others which are sold by this business titan.

You can struggle facing this giant or simply taking advantage of his brand and create new wealth possibilities with it. It’s a trusted brand, there is no way to deny it. Everything you will be able to promote is certified, safe and guaranteed. This leads the visitors trusting you because they trusting it.

Variety of products. As I said before, there are tons of tech gadgets, appliances, medical products, even cars here in Italy. This is the Era of Abundance, and you must take advantage of it right now!

Amazing Sales funnel. Before speaking about anything, what is that? According to Wikipedia, is the marketing model which shows the customer’s journey from the awareness of a given product till his purchase. What has this in common with Amazon? Simply, supposed one of your readers used one of your affiliate links to get on the Market, anything is your one thing to gain commission with. Look at this picture down below.

You see the main product, in this case a PC bag. It is explained with images, which are a powerful way to induce people to buy. In case you didn’t think about it, it shows you related products and accessories that you may not have thought about. They are other commissions for YOU. In the end, trust is built with products review, which have made the fortune of this e-commerce.

Free to sign up and join. As I said in the beginning, this program is completely free to join, despite you have to follow the standard requests to promote.

Low payout. You can start receiving your money when the payout is over $10 with direct deposit of gift card. Not bad at all. If the threshold is over $100, you will probably receive a check.

Which are the Cons?

Low commission than others. Commissions go up 10%. However, the majority is beneath this value. There are many others digital products which let you to make higher commission. One of these will help you start and grow your online business.

No international payouts. This is easy but hard to accept. In fact, if you promote on but people use buying on, you will not receive commissions.

PayPal denied. Many affiliates out there use PayPal to get paid and be safe from bank accounts. Amazon doesn’t allow this practice, and so it is.

Is Amazon Affiliate worth your time? Is it a good place to start?

Definitely. There is no other way to tell you. Amazon is the most remarkable e-commerce brand in the world and, despite the low commissions, you can always promote a lot of stuff and get multiple channels of earning.

But, if you want not to lose time and start earning while learning how to start your own business with that, you can always take a look at the best training with the greatest community help in the affiliate industry.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below!

  • Great review! I definitely want to sign up for this and have been debating it for a while now. While there are a lot of pros to it, I think I might wait until I have a better following to start promoting through them.

    It does sound super easy though so I will be making sure that I get in on this affiliate program sooner than later!

    • Hi Leah,

      Thank for appreciating. Yes, you definitely have to create more following to create authority in your website. You can start promoting products anytime, tough. It will be not easy but you surely have to start to create a brand. Hope to see your website on and running completely. Have a good day!


  • Thanks for this review.

    As a newbie to Affiliate Marketing, I thought it would be wise join a well-known, reputable company before I joined others and I’m glad I signed up to Amazon!

    Within the first 3 months of being online, I earned my commission. Thanks to Amazon!

    As you said, the commission isn’t that great but if you can sell lots of products, you can earn quite a bit and besides I think if someone saw a product being sold on Amazon and the same one being advertised by a different company, they are more likely to purchase from Amazon!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi jacqueline,

      You are amazing. Congrats for your first sale! Keep working towards a major passive income. As you said, You will be able to have a massive amount of money with more products and more visitors. Hope to see you here next time and have a good day!


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