affiliate marketing problems in 2018.

7 Affiliate Marketing Sins you MUST avoid in 2018.

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Why should you read this article?

What do you think when we speak about affiliate marketing? A silly website, a funnel, a lead magnet, a product or an affiliate program? Or them all together?

The 7 affiliate marketing sins you should avoid in 2018.

Actually, there is really much confusion in this market and you need to be clear in what you want to do and why. 

First, affiliate marketing is everything that implies promoting a product. It is not so much important at the beginning which channel you are using, because ideally you would want to use them all. 

Which are these channels, Marco? 

Well.. Tell me your name please;) , channels are everywhere. Email marketing is a great one, social media are another, as well as your own brand website. 

Which one is the best? Someone could tell you the one which is most profitable, and in some ways it is right. To me, it is the one that fits you best. There is no correct answer here, but remember..

To have something that no one else have later, you have to do what no one else does now. 

Anyway, you are here to digest the 7 problems ( and solutions) of every affiliate marketer out there. 

For the sake of article, I divided your guide to inner problems and outer problems. 

Inner are the ones you have to solve most, since you cannot do what you are not on a deeper level.

Outer are the ones more practical related to your website or any other channel: Choose your niche in affiliate marketing, create traffic and last earn tons of money through conversions. 

It’s all explained here for you, so let’s move on!

Persistence and Patience

This is the first thing you need to learn when creating an online business. 

To make this dead simple to you, I’ll make an example. 

Isaac Newton became a genius without parents and education. Henry Ford built his own company from scratch without any education. Andrew Carnegie grew up poor, but it was one of the richest men in his 50’s. 

Now, you know in which way they did that? I’ll tell you, through persistence. 

Persistence is the key here. If you are not meant to be, you have to become. If you are not willing to become, you won’t build an online business. 

Yes, you have the tools. If you are lucky, you have even the people which you can surround yourself with and create amazing partnerships. In every case, you need that, because requires time. 

Do something great for your future.

Time and persistence are interconnected. One requires the other, so must you. 

Now, if you are thinking that this is the ONE thing you need in business, just like many people are telling you out there, you are dead wrong.

This could be your heaven or hell, it depends on your mindset. Many businesses fail in the short run because people who are meant to build them do not have the mindset, as told you before.

If you are willing to learn, affiliate marketing is one of the most vaste field you can learn of. You can do that at your own pace, surrounding yourself with like-minded people and realizing your own dreams. 

Now, through persistence comes determination. It’s in this way you can defeat procrastination and be patient for the long-term run. 

Now that you know what is persistence, you would have to realize that this is one small part of something a bit famous in these years, so called mindset. 

You can build that through various books. A classic of literature you need to read in order to become successful is “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is essential for your success and more important than any other skillset. How do you build a mindset? 

When you will have built this, you will rock in every business, because nothing is gonna stop you from your purpose. 

With persistence patience comes naturally. I know that this could be a lot strange,

Today more and more people are trapped by shiny tools to make money overnight and simple paths to success. The reality is there are not, and you need patience to succeed. 

Patience to build a list, to design your website, to make people trusting you, and ultimately creating your passive income to travel the world and live the life you craft. 

Relationships and Value


You should remember every time you write a blog post or a sales letter or whatever it is, that you are writing to human beings. Being “beings”, they need to feel they can trust you. 

In which way can you do this? It could be silly, but you can do all that straight simple. Ask to your audience what they need most, which is their great problem and how you can help them. You will be astonished by how many results you’ll find in no time in your traffic.

Let’s make an example. You have a customer asking you which is their best product to start a business, or simply a product they need. 

How can you make a difference? Well, check his purchasing history and see which products he bought. In this way you will understand his situation and ultimately you will feel their needs. 

He will trust you lifetime maybe, because you are unique in what you did. No one else does that for him, so does he. 

According to BusinessInsider, in 2020, 80% of the online businesses will be made with an online chatbot. Is that not possible to use to build trust? 

Not really, you can use that, but in an intelligent way. Try to use chatbots that show your face. If you are a customer, you won’t like the fact there is no one beyond the screen, so do that!

Be relevant to your audience. 

Create custom contents for your audience

Once you built some traffic, you will be able to determine which are the needs of your visitors based on data. Use it wisely. Make sure everything is targeted. To make an example, let’s use email marketing. 

Building an email list is simple enough, but building diverse email lists around different problems is another story.

If your customer is in the video marketing, he won’t want a list builder, but something on the same line. It’s important you understand this, because it makes the difference between a business that is doing good and one that is doing great!

Making it right, you will sell more, because your customer will happily pay you for what they need most. Let’s give it a try!

Be creative. 

Be creative with new marketing ideas.

You have to be creative in this world to create new insight and new outstanding ideas you can astonish your audience with! 

Check the data and the emails, even the birth dates of people. You can send a gift to the right person during his birthday. No one does that, so he won’t forget.

Create new ways to engage with your customers, and you will be definitely repaid such as quizzes and free give-aways. 

Staying focused in affiliate marketing.

Distraction is a great problem today. You have to deal with tons of things and it is always harder and harder to stay away from ads, shiny tools, your facebook friends and your favorite tv series on Netflix.

Defeating it is one of the things that helps students get straight A’s and entrepreneurs do their best. Cal Newport speaks very well about this problem in modern society in his best-seller.

Moreover, if you are a content creator like me, you really know how much energy requires this activity. At the end, you are creating something new, your unique piece of writing. 

Pomodoro Technique.

Using pomodoro technique to stay focused.

Usually, you sleep for 8 hours and they remain 16. The questions is not if they are too many or not enough, but how you plan to use it. Do you work all day or you want to be distracted by cats on Youtube, by traffic on Analytics, Social Media or News? 

Do you mean I need to work on my website or project all day long, Marco?Not at all. I tried it, and I can tell you that it is not a gain for body and mind. You’ll lose so much energy and at the end you did not so much. 

Brain requires distraction and pause, but in a way that it is beneficial to you. Use the pomodoro technique.

Try to work for 25 minutes on an article ( as an example) and then take 5 minutes of break. In my case I do for 30 minutes, but it really does not matter for you. Do what fits you best. 

In this way your brain will replenish itself through some fresh air and, if you want, music! I use it in my pauses and it is a great way to keep you focused. 

Put first things first.

Moreover, another cool must-do you need to take in count is the Eisenhower matrix. In other words, consider which things are to be done first, then for second. 

The Eisenhower Matrix can help you out organizing your most productive days.

Sometimes we do not want to put first things first, like  Stephen Covey  tells us, because they require too much energy, time or whatever. However, they are the ones that move your business forward. If you do not now, you will lose even more time and energy then, so why not?

What is a Niche?

In few words, a group of people looking for a specific product in a specific market.

Now you will be worried, because it seems so *** specific, but you know what? This is the best. Yes, because when you have a specific niche, you have less competition and so you will be recognizes pretty soon as an expert in your field, which leads to a passive income in less time. 

Now let’s make an example of what a niche is. Let’s say you love basketballs and you are so passionate about all the genres and types related to any team. You can start on your own a website based on those, be passionate, create a following and create your income.

Marco, It is just simple as that? Why not so many people do this? In my opinion, because it requires time, persistence and patience ( as we said before ) and because they do not know nothing about this. 

How to Choose your own Niche.

Now you understand what is a niche, in which way you are entitled to choose your own? In 5 simple steps. 

  1. Start writing a bunch of ideas you are interested in. 
  2. Use Google keyword planner or Kwfinder to find out their search volume, changing ideas into keywords. Simply write what you already  chose in simple words, for example “basketball tips”. 
  3. Check your competitors. Do a research on google and take note on the top 10 results, which are your greatest competitors.
  4. Use Open site explorer on to find out which are their point of weakness.
  5. Put all your numbers In a table and see which niche has the lowest competition and the highest search volume.

Affiliate programs and networks. 

Clickbank platform for marketers.

Let’s say now you built your website and you wrote 10-15 blog posts about your niche. But Marco, How can I write all that stuff? There’s no problem at all, dude! Here a post for you on writing quality content that matters to your customers.

It is the moment to start making some products reviews in order to make some revenue and sustain your site. Before we can speak about products, you need to know what an affiliate program and network is. 

An affiliate program is your pass to commissions. A website that lets you promote his products. Let’s just say there are tons of them out there and every one is specific for some products. 

For example, Amazon has its own affiliate program, or many tools out there has its own, like SemRush, Siteground or Kwfinder. 

Many industries adopt this type of business model, because it pays. They do not have any cost and they have to pay only when they earn from selling. What’s better than this?

An affiliate network is in some ways similar to the last one, but it is much more larger, because it is a bridge between vendors and affiliates. 

A good example of this is Clickbank. It is the biggest network out there and lets you promote thousands of products in the health niche, e-learning niche, internet marketing niche and so on. 

There are many out there, such as Jvzoo, Shareasale or muncheye. You only have to choose.

Affiliate products.

Now that you got what an affiliate network and program are, how can you find products to promote?

In few words, I would say. If they are physical products or digital tools, go for an affiliate program, like the one of Semrush or Amazon. If they are digital products, go for affiliate networks like Jvzoo and Clickbank. 

How can you understand in which model fall your niche? Just by knowing which product you should speak about. If they are garden tools, probably you will find them on amazon or another affiliate program. If they are some digital tools to increase your traffic, Seo and so on, let’s check them out on Clickbank. That is the right place for you.

How much can you expect to earn?

What can you expect to earn with affiliate marketing?

Now you chose your niche, built your site, and promoted products. How much can you expect to earn? First of all, remember that for this you need traffic and conversion, that we will speak about later.

Anyway, let’s say you are writing review about self help books. You are passionate about and you feel you can make a good income on that. Average book price is about $10. 

On amazon, it gives you a 4.5% commission. In this case, for every book you’ll earn $0.45. they are so few. In order to make $5k per month in passive income, you need to sell 370 of these books. Isn’t an incredible amount?At the beginning, yes.

To sell those, you need in terms of traffic 7500 visitors per day, which leads to a huge 225,000 visitors per month. If you want to be an affiliate marketer, do not do it in this way.

Instead, try to sell products of the mid range section, such as $50 range. In this way, if you have a 50% commission, you would only need 200 customers to have a $5K in earnings. Not bad, isn’t it?


The #1 reason why people quit.

Are you scared for what I just said? You should not have. Instead, recognize that traffic is the first problem of all affiliates and put into effort to increase it is your pass for success in this field.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your design is good, if your posts are outstanding, and so on. I know you spent hours and hours upon your content being creative but if your site gets no visitors, you should focus it. This is the first reason why people quit this tremendous opportunity. Don’t do that!


Your goal shall be to use all the resources always. Remember, never rely on a single type of traffic. Use facebook ads, Google ads and referrals if you have some products to promote. 

Obviously, you should consider which one delivers the greatest results. This will be a great skill to deal with your business and maintain it stable in the long run. 

Usually, when it comes to traffic, there are two types of marketers. The one, experienced with SEO and traffic, who focus all their energy in making it perfect. 

However, they forget the Google algorithm updates and so, all of a sudden, their traffic goes down and down, because it was based on mechanics and tactics, not meaningful relationships with visitors. 


One of the common myth in affiliate marketing is that you need a great traffic in order to make money. If sometimes this could be true because your commissions are really small, the most part is false. You can built a huge income with 10k visitors if you know how to connect with people and offer them value. Later, they will pay for the products you promote.

What you need is not traffic, but targeted traffic in your niche. Not some random people who want to visit your website, but people who need to read your blog posts and buy the products you are promoting.

If your traffic is generic, people will do the same. They will just try to consume your content and get away of your website. If your traffic is targeted, you do not need a huge one, because you can make sales on a consistent basis with a bunch of people, interested in what you have to say. 

Be right in front of your audience whenever they need an answer. Create an intention between the product you are promoting and the person you are targeting. You will see later in this e-book. 

Marco, What do you advise to me in order to break this and make some traffic to my website? Let’s show up, we are moving right in front of the solutions! Here you are!

6 useful ways to bring traffic to your website.

  • Groups.

Groups are useful to create an audience.

I remember when I first started out with affiliate marketing. Fortunately, I was not alone. There was a community of enthusiastic people, ready to take my hand and guiding me through this new entire world. 

Now, you are never alone.Never. You have facebook, google, Ig, meet ups… I mean, look around you! You are in a digital world and you have to make every day profitable. It’s not for me, it’s for you! 

Login to facebook and subscribe to some helpful communities like Mentored by Millionaires or Ad Iq academy. You’ll find some helpful tips to start in the digital marketing world and make it happen. Be helpful with other people, try to understand which are their needs and they will try to know yours.

  • Quora and Yahoo.

Quora, the best tool to find trending topics.


Now, you probably know what Quora and Yahoo are. They are the bridge between questioners and answerers. Whenever you feel upset in a specific field, you can come up with a simple question and meet the knowledge of experts in that field. 

Now, you can bring value to people by answering their questions and linking to your own website as an extra source of helpful info. They will appreciate that and they will happily get to know what your website is all about. 

  • Social Media. 

It seems pretty common as advice, but the reality is that it helps a lot. Create a page on Facebook and Instagram and bring in people such as friends and other marketers. With a good frequency, publish your own content, videos and tips to keep your audience engaged. Hard work and value pay. 

  • Guest Post.

Your opportunity for guest posting on Hubspot.

Now, what is a guest post? It’s a free post you publish on others people website, collaborating with them. 

Sure, you need to find marketers that fit the same niche as you, but it is quite simple indeed. In fact, you can make some simple research and start finding other websites. Usually, they have a contact form for this. Would you want to know my advice?

Ask and you shall receive. 

  1. Roundup post. 

This is another category of posting. In this way, you are not doing that on other websites, but on yours. 

Marco, in which way am I entitled to make it? Don’t worry, it is just straight simple. 

 Send out emails to authorities in your niche, ask them for a roundup post. 

Now structure your post around a one big question, related to your niche. In this case, maybe the one thing that helped these giants moving their traffic forward. You ask to every single one of them and post their answer on your post. 

Once you built it, they will publish on his website and you’ll notice a giant boost on your traffic. Feeling good, right?

  • StumbleUpon. 

This is another uncommon way to make some traffic to your site. To cut it short, you publish your best posts to StumbleUpon. They will compare right in the dashboard of visitors who want to digest those type of contents. If your headline is catchy and your info outstanding, they will visit your own blog. 

  • Paid ads. 

Facebook ads to increase your traffic.

I already spoke about this technique. It is important you do not take your traffic for granted, because it is not when it is paid. Instead, focusing on providing value and keep your traffic up is the only way once you have that. 

Do not make the mistake to think you have all you need to make your revenue, because it is not. Once you have the traffic, you need to convert and test it. 


The common idea regarding conversion is pretty simple. Transform your visitors in customers. However, it is not easy. As I said, you have to build trust, respect and a relationship with your customer, otherwise you will not bring value. 

 To make you simple, this is the step-list behind a conversion funnel. These and more info are always delivered by Russell Brunson in his books on digital marketing, DotCom Secrets and Experts Secrets.


The modern marketing funnel, used everyday from the big marketers.

It may be a hard thing to master and to do, but it is essential to take your someone from a visitor to a customer, and sometimes to a brand maniac. Let’s see all the steps needed to make it happen. 

Awareness. Once a visitor is on your site, he will notice your brand, if you built one, and shifts from a visitor to a customer. 

Obviously, the value you bring to the table has to be aligned with his needs, but, as we said, you first created targeted traffic so that should not be a problem for you. Right in this moment you need to use that awareness and transform into interest. 

Interest. Once you have their interest, you need to make them think your product is the right product for them, the once they desired for a long time. It is maybe the hardest step, but it is worth it, because you are one step away from their action. 

Desire. Now your customer desires your product. Which is the main reason behind their desire? Maybe your brand value, such as Apple, or the price, because it is low, or even the logistics, because it is shipping-free? The one thing you need to know is now, if you want to sell that product!

Action. Once the potential customer takes action, they become a customer. This group will represent a minute fraction of the total number of consumers that were in the original awareness phase of the funnel.

Which source converts best?

Email marketing, one of the best marketing channels for ROI.

Email marketing.

In a few words, what is email marketing? Well, simply deliver your own content and promotion through an email list. How do you build that list? Using the mechanisms I spoke about before, such as bringing value and building trust with people. 

As reported in this Forbes article, email marketing gave to most part of CMO an incredible ROI for their efforts in building it. Your message has to be straight to the point, directed to your customers and their hearts. As I said, you need to connect with them. 

Compelling CTAs.

What I mean when I say “compelling”? It means that inspires action to people who see it. Nothing sells quite like a compelling call-to-action. 

The CTA are one of the most important factors in conversion.

Whenever you build ads for your website, post some content on it or simply delivering some emails, make sure you are always delivering a CTA in the right place at the right time.

Moreover, give to your customers a reason to click on it, otherwise it won’t be effective as you would want. 


Despite I am writing content most of my time, I usually don’t think about the headline. I realize some days ago that this is quite wrong, because when on Google does not compare all your content, but only your headline! 

Moreover, if visitors are already on your website to read some posts, and no one will have a catchy headline, you know what? They will leave your website, simply as that. 

For Infinite Conversions, people who leave your website the first time will never return in the 80% of cases. Why? Because their attention is focused on that sentence first, then on your content. How can I understand if my headlines are great at engaging people? 

It is not hard at all. You can do that by simply looking at your bounce rates on google analytics. If it’s high, then good for you. It means you have great headlines. If it is not, this is for you. 

I want to share with you this outstanding tool I found some days ago. It is a blog title generator, and it is powered by Seopressor. 

You can find it here. To give you an idea of how it works, simply write the keyword you want to write a great headline around. It will give you, based on your screen resolution, a set of headlines you can immediately using. This is a wonderful tool. I know it is so hard creating catchy headlines, so that’s why I told you about this tool. Use it at your own advantage. 

Use SeoPressor to find interesting headlines for your posts.

User Experience. 

You know what? Even when you are promoting content, you are not doing your best in converting people. Conversion needs details in your website and in your posts.

You need to consider things like theme, the site speed, the structure of your website, the number of widgets and the ads displayed on your sidebar. All those matter to your business as well as your content.

How much big are the images in your content? If they are too big, people will leave off because reading your content just requires too many ups and downs for an average reader. 

That’s why it is so important what I am delivering in the heading, otherwise so called UX. You need to see things from an outer perspective and always make things easy for your visitors.

Remember, your traffic is targeted, so what you want to do is not focusing on everyone, but only on your customers experience. Nothing else matters to you. 

Test and Change. 

What I see is common in many people who approach this business model is they are monolithic. You do not need that at all. In fact, your business form has to be frequently shaped by new tactics, strategies, techniques, ways to grow, bringing value to your customers.

IM is perfectly fitted to test your strategies because you have quick responses. If you are going in the wrong way, you will quickly end up with a decrease in traffic. It’s all to learn.

To be sure, always make it clear why you want that improvement. Is that for improving your conversions ? Is that to improve your UX? Find out your purpose and you’ll find the way.

Conversion testing.

What would you want your customers do when surfing your website? Do you want their email to provide value? Do you want they register for a webinar or adding a product to the shopping cart?

Whatever it is, try different approaches to that thing and see which one works better.

When it comes to these testings, that are available even for emails, widgets and so much more in Thrive, you’ll always have a Control and a Variation. 

As you can see in the photo below, provided by, We can compare them to run away with the best result.

Graphic showing the control and variation testing.


The page in the experiment that does not receive the treatment. In conversion testing, the control is the version of the page that currently converts best. Any new variation is tested against the control.

Like this example above, if your control is the first LM, any other example of that will be tested against it.


The page in the experiment that has received the treatment you’re testing. For example, the variation page might have a shorter lead form than the control page, a different design or a different message.

Usually, I describe the variations with the differences that come in hand with, so it is easier to remember which everyone is about.

Quantitative Data

Maybe you are just skeptic on this type of data and you would want to focus only on the qualitative data, but the reality is that this one is extremely important. For example, if you write a blog post that goes viral, you can track that in traffic and social shares and write in the future relative topics to leverage on it.

Accordingly to MarketingLand there are two methods to track your visitors quantitatively.

First one, which can be extremely useful, is downloading logs. You can do that by web analytics and keywords. In this way you can discover what people are searching and how they are searching for it.

Second, reach out which is the best search listing. Is it organic or ad one? Which has the worst and best bounce rate? These infos will reveal extremely useful over time.

Few examples of quantitative datas come along with the amount of traffic generated per resource, unique visitors, bounce rate, source of acquired links, number of social shares and so on.

You need this in order to find errors in your metrics and change approach to your visitors to increase your revenue.

Qualitative Data

Qualitative research methods are used for answering questions about why or how to fix a problem.

Usability testing, keeping track of any data with a diary or a doing a field research are all types of this one.

Field research or fieldwork is the collection of information outside of a laboratory or workplace setting. Diary studies are a methodology in which participants record the dates, times, location and context of search tasks. Usability testing measures:

  • Success rate — i.e., whether or not test visitors do what they want them to do.
  • How efficiently they were able to do that(task time, number of steps, keystrokes, etc.)
  • What blocks them in reaching the results.
  • Possible workarounds (error prevention and handling)

In my opinion, this has to matter to you because you can track any efficient characteristic about your website, keeping it better and move forward. On the other side, if you should encounter any block in the experience of your visitors, you can correct it effortlessly.


If you like this post and you have any questions and suggestions about the content, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. We will be more than ready to help you out!

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  • I must mention this as well that truly, “advertising” is a piece of the expression partner showcasing, however generally, our activity as a subsidiary isn’t to offer — that is the activity of the business page our member joins lead the pursuer to. Individuals need to get notification from other individuals when settling on a choice to purchase an item or not — that is the reason the audits on Amazon items are so intense. Those surveys are bona fide input from individuals who (more often than not) have literally nothing to pick up in the event that somebody purchases that item or not. Nothing breaks a pursuer’s trust more than being directed to an advancement that will explode their inbox. Place yourself in the shoes of a potential client and witness what will in the event that they take after your recommendation.
    when you make a deal, you need to know WHERE the deal originated from. This empowers you to know which pages are changing over well so you can develop and scale that battle. Making an exceptional following ID for an Amazon connect is simple. Basically sign in to your Amazon subsidiary dashboard, click “Record Settings” at the specific best on the right, at that point click “Oversee Tracking IDs”. For affiliate web design and deals revgluedotcom/bespoke is the best place to be. From that point you can make another following ID so you can track which website page/crusade sold what.

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